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Guests are said to sometimes be another form of God, so it is important for believers to entertain their guest with great favor and honor. Whether this was planned or an unplanned visit, you are a guest that is greatly appreciated for without your prayers, support, and encouragement, none of this would be possible.


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About Reverend Dr. Gregory A. Person

Dr. Person currently serves as Elder-Adjutant for the Gates of Heaven Assembly of Churches, Inc. under the leadership of Presiding Prelate Bishop Maureen L. Davis.  He also serves as Choir Director for the "Gospel Chorus" for Open Door Mission True Light Church, Music Director for the "Voices of Deliverance" for Bethel Assembly of Churches, choir musician at New Psalmist Baptist Church, and Chaplain and Congregational Care Leader at Open Door Mission True Light Church.


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Where is God After Loss?

An Interview with Reverend Dr. Gregory A. Person


Reverend Dr. Gregory Person recently had a conversation with Dr. Gloria Horsley about where is God after loss? Some people lose hope and faith in God during their time of bereavement as they search for answers to the question of why?


Dr. Person let's you know that it's okay to ask why and be angry with God, but you must remember that He will always love you.

Dr. Gregory A. Person

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